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Yin: This class focuses on stimulating the connective tissues and joints, improving the flow of Chi or Prana through these areas. This is accomplished through the passive holding of specific postures for 3 to 5 minutes, using the breath to ease the body further into the pose. The Yin postures are not difficult to hold for these periods of time and are often supported by props to allow you to release and relax. Yin yoga is very meditative and can be a perfect complement to a yang practice (cycling, running, or an active yoga practice). All ages and levels will benefit from this class.


Yin yoga is a wonderful practice for releasing deeply held tension in the body and mind, which is why yin yoga helps ease back pain so well because back pain is closely linked to emotional tension also.  In the slow-held poses, we are encouraged to soften the muscles as much as possible so we can access the deeper connective tissues such as ligaments and fascia. Paired with the mindfulness meditation aspect of it that helps to calm the mind, it can aid the healing process immensely. Back pain often originates from emotional tension before the actual injury occurs; whether it’s from running on adrenaline in a non-stop busy life, financial worries, guilt, feeling a lack of emotional support, or something else. The tension we experience in the mind gets experienced in the body. Once an actual injury occurs the surrounding area can go into spasm to protect the weak point and the ongoing pain and tension in the body can lead us to feel even more emotional.  Yin yoga helps to relax the body and mind.  And when the mind is quiet, we return to that place of trust and calm within. No experience is necessary. 


Join us for a  90-minute practice of healing yoga and immersion in sound! Jen will lead a thoughtful chakra-clearing yin yoga class that allows you to open deep tissue in your body, and in turn, produces an incredible sense of openness and release for your body and mind.  Dan is a musician and will use 7 crystal bowls as his instrument. The bowls, crafted of crystal quartz, are each attuned to the chakras. The sound vibrations emitted by these bowls will encompass and permeate your body to harmonize with the balanced vibrations of each key. Enjoy this experience in the magical candlelit setting of Lulu's Barn!


All levels welcome


Sunday, November 5, 2023

Space is limited

9:oo AM to 10:30 AM

If you are new to YOGA IN THE BARN, please print and sign the waiver prior to class and bring it with you.


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