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Dreaming Of Nuzzling An Alpaca?

Enjoy our relaxing environment surrounded by nature. Being around alpacas and observing their peaceful demeanor can help reduce stress and provide peace and tranquility, and farm visits are just delightful for anyone who wants to have an up-close-and-personal moment with the alpacas. Attendees may feed the alpacas right out of the palms of their hands and maybe sneak in a few pats on their fluffy fur. Make sure to bring your camera; alpacas are no strangers to selfies! 

Lulu’s Barn owner Rose Bodmer and her seven alpacas — Fleecy, Gussy, Marty, Will, Midnight, LL Cool Beans, & Big Paulie — welcome you to the farm. You may book your private farm visit by emailing


The price is $5 per person.

The activity lasts for up to 45 minutes and involves hand-feeding the boys, spending time getting to know Gussy, Fleecy, Will, Marty, Midnight, LL Cool Beans, & Big Paulie, and taking lots of pictures while you learn about alpacas. Young kids will need to be held – their sprightly movements startle the alpaca.

You may pay the day of with cash or

Venmo, Lulu's Barn. 

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