Dreaming Of Nuzzling An Alpaca?

Farm visits are wonderful for anyone who wants to have an up-close-and-personal moment with the alpacas. Attendees may feed the alpacas right out of the palms of their hands and maybe sneak in a few pats on their fluffy fur. Make sure to bring your camera; alpacas are no strangers to selfies! 


Lulu’s Barn owner Rose Bodmer and her seven alpacas — Fleecy, Gussy, Marty, Will, Midnight, LL Cool Beans, & Big Paulie — welcome you to the farm. You may book your private farm visit by emailing lulusbarnshop@gmail.com


The price is $5 per person.

The activity lasts for up to 45 minutes and involves hand-feeding the boys, spending time getting to know Gussy, Fleecy, Will, Marty, Midnight, LL Cool Beans, & Big Paulie, and taking lots of pictures while you learn about alpacas. Young kids will need to be held – their sprightly movements startle the alpaca.

You may pay the day of with cash or

Venmo, Lulu's Barn.